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Meet the Team

Tony McKinley

Youth Program Coordinator II

Tony McKinley is SBWIB YouthBuild's Youth Program Coordinator

RaJai Allen

Administrative Assistant II

RaJai Allen is the first line of contact for communication with clients, phone calls from students, parents, schools, outside organizations, and community partners.

Tim Mendelsohn

Lead Teacher

Tim Mendelsohn is SBWIB YouthBuild's Math and Science Teacher. He grew up in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles and attended Pasadena Community College

Maria Aleman

Academic Counselor

Maria Aleman is SBWIB YouthBuild’s Academic Counselor. She supports students by keeping record of their graduation status as well as all things related to registrar.

Shamekia Shabazz

Administrative Intern

Shamekia Shabazz is SBWIB YouthBuild's Administrative Intern.

Sharina Williams

School Site Coordinator & Teen Center Coordinator

Sharina Williams is SBWIB YouthBuild's School Site Coordinator and the Inglewood and Hawthorne Teen Center Coordinator.

Arlene Perez

Administrative Assistant

Arlene Perez is SBWIB YouthBuild's Administrative Intern and supports with attendance, incoming and outbound calls, and other administrative duties. She has been with Youthbuild since January 2020

Ron Paul

Social Studies and English Teacher

Ron Paul is the Social Studies and English Teacher at SBWIB YouthBuild.

Leslie Guerrero

School Site Coordinator Assistant

Leslie Guerrero is SBWIB YouthBuild's School Site Coordinator Assistant and a YouthBuild Alumni!

Shanelle Sturdivant

Administrative Intern

Shanelle Sturdivant serves as SBWIB YouthBuild's Program Assistant. As a program assistant she is responsible for Providing administrative duties to support their team in completing projects efficiently and within budget.






5021 Lennox Blvd., Lennox, CA 90301
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
(310) 225 - 3060

(725) 222 - 3692 
(310) 225 - 3061 

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