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Youth Construction
At SBWIB YouthBuild, we firmly believe that every young adult will succeed. To ensure every participants’ success, we implement six core activities.
     1. Leadership Development & Life Skills Training
     2. Education
     3. Vocational Training: Construction and other Career Pathways
     4. Case Management, Counseling, and other Support Services
     5. Job Readiness and Job Placement
     6. Post-Secondary Readiness and Post-Graduation Follow-Up ​

Leadership Development and Life Skills Training
Participants will be equipped to have better personal and professional lives through leadership and life skills training. Participants will learn how to make young adult-centered decisions and problem-solve, responsibility, give back and make a positive impact in the community, and develop positive attitudes, values, and behavior patterns, which are essential to their long term success and their formation as a leader. 

YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) is the education provider for the SBWIB YouthBuild program. Unlike traditional schools, YCSC is a free project-based charter school rooted in social justice for students between 16-24 years of age. ​ California State Certified teachers are available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday – Friday to provide educational activities to the participants to help them earn credits towards their high school diploma.

Vocational Training: Construction and other Career Pathways
Participants will have the opportunity to obtain industry-recognized credentials through construction training. Participants that complete construction training will receive an NCCER Construction Certification or MC3 Certificate. Construction training will be from Monday through Friday, either on-site or off-site (or virtual during the COVID-19 Pandemic) to help rebuild homes for low-income families. During construction training, participants will volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for Greater Los Angeles, our worksite partner, in building homes for low-income families. Participants may also earn credits toward completing their high school diploma and community service hours from their participation in construction training.

Case Management, Counseling, and other Support Services
Every SBWIB YouthBuild participant will receive Case Management and Counseling services, which will guide participants to succeed in the program and after graduation. Our Case Managers and Counselors will be available to help participants handle critical life and social needs, and their academic and career goals. Participants will create a plan to overcome barriers that may interfere with personal achievement and get linked to community resources that will assist with problems related to health, substance abuse, housing, child care, family, or legal emergencies if necessary.

Job Readiness and Job Placement
SBWIB YouthBuild is a job readiness program and offers participants job placement opportunities. Participants earn a job readiness certificate for successfully completing SBWIB’s Blueprint for Workplace Success job readiness training. The job readiness curriculum is designed to help participants develop skills like resume writing, prepare for job interviews, complete applications accurately, learn appropriate work behaviors, including attitude, language and work attire, punctuality and time management skills, getting along with co-workers, conflict resolution, and respectful, responsible behavior on the job.

Post-Secondary Readiness and Post-Graduation Follow-Up
Participants will be exposed to various postsecondary education campuses and programs and receive support during the college matriculation process. The program will guide participants to job placement or college placement and provide follow-up support and counseling for 12 months after participants complete and exit to ensure that these placements are of high quality, productive, and retained.
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