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Blueprint for Workplace Success


Job Preparation Training

Blueprint I - How to get a job. This course is designed for entry-level workers who want to gain practical skills for landing a job. Learn how to communicate effectively, prepare a winning resume, how to contact employers and perform an effective interview, time management skills, understanding workplace issues and much more!


Blueprint II - How to keep a job. This is an interactive job retention training class that assists workers in developing skills for success and career advancement. It builds on skills learned in Blueprint I, and takes the student into more depth and covers additional topics such as, teamwork and leadership, critical thinking and problem solving, managing conflicts and working in a cultural diverse environment.

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Client Testimonials

"My Blueprint experience was successful and helpful. Ms. Giselle Brown is such an amazing instructor I learned a lot from her as well as my classmates. A positive mind

should always be in yourself, no "NEGATIVITY!" Communicate with others, be a team worker,

responsible, honest and organized." 

-Maria Martinez

"...Blueprint II was wonderful and great with my classmates. The Blueprint teacher really helped me out. I know it wasn't easy but she never gave up on me and I remember that."

-Vassar Palmer

"My Blueprint experience was the best I've ever had. Ms. Giselle is a wonderful teacher, very positive and motivating. I have learned a lot in Blueprint for example, how to talk and to not give up on our dreams.

She cheers us up, helps us a lot and now my classmates and I see life differently. I really thank the lord for giving me the opportunity to come

to Blueprint and learn a lot of

new stuff." 

- Mayra Melendez

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