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Karen Cornelio

Karen Cornelio

Before coming to YouthBuild, I was a stay-at-home mom. I was not working nor attending school for approximately 2.5 years. I was searching for employment and discovered most of the positions that I was interested in required a high school diploma. I needed the opportunity to gain news skills, yet I couldn’t find one because I did not have a diploma. One of my cousins, who attended and graduated from SBWIB YouthBuild, said good things about the program and encouraged me to go.

She finally convinced me, and I decided to join the program. Life skills and construction training have been the most beneficial services in helping me overcome my challenge. In construction, I learned the basics of how to use tools and how to use them safely. In life skills, I was exposed to financial literacy, where I learned how to open a bank account and start credit. I applied the skills I learned and got approved for my first credit card. I could keep it up and complete my schoolwork because Ms. Natasha, my humanities teacher, always pushed me to complete my work. She was checking in on me, and she dedicated additional time to giving me help. Maria, my counselor, also pushed me to stay on track with my work. As a result of the services I received, I attained my OSHA 10 and NCCER certifications through construction training, my CPR certification, and my high school diploma. I am also building my credit and graduated with skills to help me obtain employment.

“Do not be afraid, take a step forward, and follow your dreams. Even if it is difficult, seek help. SBWIB YouthBuild is very flexible and always there for us. They understand and support us, and if we ever need anything, SBWIB YouthBuild is always available through text and call.”






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