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Julie Aguilar

Julie Aguilar

Julie Aguilar, twenty-four-year-old mother and SBWIB YouthBuild graduate, enrolled in the program. Her goal was to have a good future for her son. Julie shares her experience in the program to be welcoming. The SBWIB YouthBuild program really felt like a family to her, she expressed the genuine feeling that everyone cared for one another, the community in seeing members helping each other and not letting anyone fall back.

In challenging times Julie’s motivation to finish her education were her son and her sister, who gave her great advice and words she needed to hear and not only what she wanted to hear.

After graduation, Julie plans to continue her education, attend college to study nursing or case management and plans to get a job to provide for her family.

Ms. Natasha Cabral, Julie’s teacher, shared the following words about Julie; “If you looked up the word ‘warrior’ you would see Julie's picture. She is truly a person who succeeds despite any obstacles. She is an intelligent, compassionate person who is fired up for an amazing life path ahead. I want to wish her the best in all she does after YouthBuild and I know she will always remain in the heart of our whole YouthBuild Family and hope she carries us in her heart always too.”

Mr. Tim Menderlsohn, Julie’s teacher, also shared a few words; “Julie comes to school every day with a great / positive attitude. She is a leader inside and out of the classroom. Her best quality is that she cares about others. Julie demonstrates this by always encouraging her fellow YouthBuilders to reach higher to achieve their goals.”






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