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Meet Shamyia Roberts

Workforce Challenge:

Shamyia Roberts, a single parent of two, sought assistance at the South Bay One-Stop Center in Carson to achieve her goal of becoming a Certified Nursing Aide while working as an underemployed Home Health Aide.

Workforce Solution:

Her case manager referred her to Pathway College Nursing School, where she received training and a Certificate of Completion. However, past indiscretions while homeless led to incarceration, which halted her career advancement.

Meet Shamyia Roberts

Outcome and Benefits:

With the assistance of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, her expungement petition was granted, and she resumed receiving career counseling from her job developer. Shamyia achieved her dream and became a certified nurse assistant, securing a position at Ocean Park Healthcare in Santa Monica with a starting wage of $25 an hour.

“Believing in oneself and striving for something better is a powerful force that can propel individuals to achieve anything they set their mind to. With determination and hard work, anyone can overcome adversity and accomplish their goals.”

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