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Meet Eduardo Santiago

Eduardo Santiago’s success story is a testament to the effectiveness of Workforce Development Programs. He approached the South Bay One-Stop Center in Gardena with an interest in becoming a construction technician at SoCalGas. With the guidance of a job developer, Mr. Santiago applied to SoCalGas and persevered through the recruitment process while working multiple jobs to sustain himself.

Eduardo started the SoCalGas Test Preparation workshops through the Gardena One Stop, dedicated two days a week to English Comprehensive and Math preparation sessions that lasted two hours each. Over the course of six months, he diligently attended these workshops to equip himself for SoCalGas’s challenging Mechanical Blue Battery Test. Eduardo Santiago triumphantly passed the test, demonstrating his dedication and competence.

Meet Eduardo Santiago

He secured employment as a construction technician at SoCalGas. Eduardo’s success story showcases the power of collaboration between workforce development programs, employers and motivated individuals, transforming career aspirations into reality.

By taking advantage of the resources and opportunities provided, he transformed his career aspirations into reality, continuing to thrive in his role at SoCalGas.

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