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Meet Adela Morales

Workforce Challenge:

Hawthorne resident Adela Morales suddenly found herself unemployed after 31 years of working as an Integrator/Developer and Tools SCM Integrator. Several months of an unsuccessful job search passed before Adela came to the South Bay One-Stop Center in Inglewood looking for assistance in returning to a similar position; however, the global COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the job search challenges, leading Adela's case manager to suggest training for a new career. Initially, Adela wanted to return to work quickly, but she listened intently as her case manager discussed training and how it would open doors to a broader network of job opportunities. Adela agreed. While researching the training opportunities, Adela needed help to narrow down her field of interests.

Workforce Solution:

After much discussion and labor market research with her case manager, Adela selected the Systems Analysis Certification program at UCLA Extension. Excited to start training, Adela had a moment of panic – the course she was about to start was 100% online, and she did not have a computer at home. She contacted her case manager to see how the One-Stop could help, and much to her relief, her case manager said that the program provides supportive services, namely a laptop. Adela was ready for training. Adela struggled with the difficulty of her classes and the workload three months into training. Advocating on her behalf, Adela's case manager contacted the coordinator at UCLA Extension and got an extension for the end date, giving Adlea the additional time she needed to focus and complete the course.

Meet Adela Morales

Outcome and Benefits:

Adela got a job at Raytheon Technologies as a Program Software Configuration Analyst with a starting wage of $55.29 an hour.

Adele selected to obtain a Systems Analysis Certification through UCLA Extension, graduated and got a job at Raytheon Technologies as a Program Software Configuration Analyst.

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