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Attention all for-profit businesses in LA County! Take advantage of our On-the-Job Training program.

What is TSE?

  • The TSE program provides entry-level workers for your business that you do not have to pay wages for, at 30-40 hours per week for three months


  • You interview and choose eligible workers referred from the Department of Public Social Services Greater Avenues for Independence (DPSS GAIN) program.


  • Wages, employment taxes & Workers Compensation Insurance are covered by the TSE program for the first three months.


  • On month four, you hire the worker. Then your business becomes eligible for a subsidy payment of $550 per worker, per month, if the worker works full-time. The subsidy payment is available in months four through eight only.


  • Your business retains the employee(s) on your staff after the eighth month.  


When is TSE available?

  • Now


Where is TSE available?

  • Businesses located anywhere in LA County.


Why should your business be a part of this amazing program?

  • Help your business & help your community at the same time.


  • We provide the entry level workers & you provide the training. 


  • We help transition people from public assistance into employment. 


How do you participate in the TSE program?

Call SBWIB GAIN Unit at 310-970-7796 or email David Nelms for more information on the TSE program.


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David Nelms

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