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Monzeratt Gonzalez

Monzeratt Gonzalez

Seventeen-year-old and Lennox resident, Monzerratt Gonzalez, was taking online classes to alleviate her anxiety. After going to traditional school and not finding a fit for her learning, she only had planned to finish school and see what happens later. From her previous experience in traditional school, she viewed SBWIB YouthBuild to be similar and wasn’t interested at first. After giving it a chance, she overcame all the challenges she faced, specifically through team building activities.

The SBWIB YouthBuild program widened Monzeratt’s outlook on opportunities she is given. It also helped her feel supported and connected to peers she wouldn’t have thought she could talk to or who would understand what she was going through at first. Through dedicated teachers, Monzeratt learned new things about every subject she took. She also learned a lot about construction in the construction activities and enjoyed working with people.

After graduation, Monzeratt plans to go into the workforce to assist her family with finances. She wants to prove to her parents that she is capable of finishing school and show that she is trying her hardest to do well, not only for herself but for everyone else.






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