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Prior to SBWIB YouthBuild, nineteen-year-old Inglewood resident, Monica, considered her career path to be like her peers, being happy and planning for college as well as getting ready to become an adult. Monica was preparing for college by taking college prep classes but could not move forward due to the various responsibilities that caused her to become overwhelmed.

An obstacle Monica overcame was depression, which kept her from finishing school. Her achievements included talking to people, being patient with herself and loving herself. She joined SBWIB YouthBuild to give herself a second chance.

While attending SBWIB YouthBuild, Monica gained access to counselors she could speak to and were there for her when she needed them. They helped her improve her self-esteem by listening and assisting her with things. She also benefited from the constant check-ups with updates and reminders. Monica felt the check-ups showed that staff cared and want students to attend and succeed. Monica states, “SBWIB YouthBuild has classes that prepare you for real-life experience.”

Monica knew she was prone to postpone her work but while attending SBWIB YouthBuild, she was up to date with her homework and assignments. These changes benefitted her and her family because Monica is the first in her family to have graduated and to attend college.

Monica graduated last spring and plans to attend college. She plans to work and get a career for herself.

“SBWIB YouthBuild is a program of opportunity, and all you need to do is take it. Don’t be afraid to achieve your goals. Do it for yourself. Prove to yourself that you can grow. You may make mistakes, not everyone is perfect. If you were depressed at one point, just like me, who couldn’t attend school, just try one more time. You won’t regret it. This is me giving you that push. Take it and become better.”






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