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Josie Gonzalez

Josie Gonzalez

Josie Gonzalez, 19-year-old resident from Lennox, dropped out of school in ninth grade. She was in and out of a few continuation programs. Her goal was to work and forget about school. Pushing her for more was her mother, who recommended the SBWIB YouthBuild program and being in close living proximity to the program was a plus. Additionally, Josie’s mother gave birth and Josie’s plans changed. She was encouraged to be a role model to her younger siblings and pursue a nursing career. Josie knew she had to continue her education, motivating her to enroll into the program.

Josie found the SBWIB YouthBuild case management services to be the most helpful in assisting her to overcome her challenges. The program supported her to obtain a summer job, get connected to internship opportunities, grow as a person and motivate her to continue the program when life became challenging.

Through community events, Josie realized she had a passion for helping others out. She enjoyed the construction aspect of the program through Habitat for Humanity where they assisted building houses for families.

After graduation, Josie plans to apply to college and work. Her primary plan is to help her parents with her siblings and be a good role model for them.

“My favorite YouthBuild activity was going to the Habitat worksites and helping build houses for families that deserve a place to call their home.”






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