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Jose Mercado

Jose Mercado

Seventeen-year-old Jose decided to seek SBWIB YouthBuild services after he could not re-enroll in a traditional school when he returned to the U.S. from Mexico. He had experienced challenges while attending traditional school. For example, he experienced a lack of connection and communication with his peers and teachers. He was also disengaged and disinterested in the classroom. He found that teachers communicated poorly with him and did not support him when he requested help. Jose found seeing the writing on the whiteboard challenging, when he asked for the text to be larger, teachers denied his request because they needed the space to write. Jose would sit in front row seats of the classroom as a solution, but the challenge continued.

Jose’s previous high school referred him to a continuation school to continue his education. He did not want to enroll at the continuation school, his cousin and former SBWIB YouthBuild graduate recommended the program, Jose decided to apply.

Jose has benefited from the resources provided by SBWIB YouthBuild and its education partner, YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC). Through YCSC, Jose received a Chromebook to continue his education online during the COVID-19 pandemic and was provided with two magnifying tools to see text size larger; one magnifier with light to see text larger on books and another magnifier to see text larger on a whiteboard when he returns to the classroom. Jose has also benefited from staff that cares about his success and is interested in connecting with him. He receives daily contact calls, emails, texts from program staff and teachers when he misses a class, training or an assignment, and they help him get back on track. Jose receives case management and counseling support. He likes this supportive service because whether something may be going on in his life, someone who wants to listen to him is available to provide guidance.

Through these programs, Jose has become engaged in school, he feels safe working in a cheerful and supportive environment and it has uncomplicated learning for him. Jose wants to be an electrician; construction training has taught him the safety guidelines he should follow at a worksite. This knowledge has taught Jose to feel safe and to go in confidently into a work site.

After graduation, Jose wants to work, join a union, and invest in real estate and other assets.

“I highly recommend the YouthBuild program and great support team for others in need of education and training!”






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