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Jeremiah Davis

Jeremiah Davis

Eighteen year-old Jeremiah Davis joined the SBWIB YouthBuild program to complete his education in an alternative school setting. Through the program, Jeremiah was provided classes, workshops, team work exercises, hands-on experience and career development. Whenever things got tough in life and he needed motivation, Jeremiah thought about the future he wants for himself and his family, his peers and the warm hearted staff at SBWIB YouthBuild also helped motivate him to graduate.

Jeremiah’s favorite experience from the program were the environmental trips and mental toughness activities which consisted of team work exercises. After graduation, Jeremiah plans to attend post-secondary school, become an entrepreneur in clothing, real estate, forex and construction in the grace of God.

Ms. Natasha Cabral, Jeremiah’s teacher, shared a few words about Jeremiah; “If you looked up the word ‘boss’ you would see Jeremiah's picture. He lives by his own code. He knows what he wants, knows how to get it, does not give up and always reaches his final goal. His quiet, composure is because he's studying the scene. He is a deep-thinker and I am so excited to see him graduate as the door to his amazing path to success have opened wide! We won't ever forget Jeremiah and we know he will never forget his YouthBuild Family either.”






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