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Cristian Zermeno

Cristian Zermeno

Cristian enrolled in the SBWIB YouthBuild program in aspiration for a better future. Before joining SBWIB YouthBuild, Cristian was out of school for a year, hanging out with friends and spending money. He recognized he didn’t want to devote the rest of his life doing the same thing. He wanted to change his habits and obtain his high school diploma. Cristian was referred to the SBWIB YouthBuild program by his brother, an alumni of the program.

Cristian enrolled in the program and obtained leadership development classes as well as public speaking skills, guiding him to get out of his comfort zone. Through SBWIB YouthBuild, Cristian obtained his high school diploma, gained construction skills and tried machine shop classes, which interested him.

After graduation, Cristian plans to explore careers that interest him. With his experience in welding, machinery and construction and having enjoyed them, he plans to focus on those fields.






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