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Unemployment Insurance Benefits for COVID-19 

Unemployment Insurance

California Employment Development Division has made changes to their unemployment policies to help those affected by COVID-19. You may be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI), disability insurance or paid sick leave or other benefits.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Flyer [LINK]

What to Know

- California Employment Development Division UI accepts online applications

- You may be eligible to receive benefits restorative to your first day of unemployment

- Benefits may be available due to temporary closures, illness or quarantine



  • Benefits Available for Individuals Quarantined, Not Ill, and Not Eligible for Disability Insurance

    • Individuals are encouraged to apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits if unemployed including reasons such as:

      • Hours reduced due to quarantine

      • Separated from employer during quarantine

      • Subject to a quarantine required by a medical professional or state local health officer

    • Individuals are eligible if they have enough earnings over the past 12-18 months and meet other criteria.

  • Benefits Available to Those Self-Quarantining Due to Underlying Health Conditions & Exposure to Virus

    • Individuals may be eligible for benefits. EDD representatives will seek details and determine eligibility

  • Benefits Available to Those Caring for Non-Ill Children Whose School Has Shut Down/Had to Quit to Provide Child Care

    • Individuals may be eligible for benefits. EDD representatives will seek details and determine eligibility.

  • Benefits Available to Those Whose Employer Reduces Hours or Shuts Down Operations Due to the Virus I

    • ndividuals are encouraged to file an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim

      • UI provides partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own.

      • Workers who are temporarily unemployed due to COVID-19 and are expected to return to work with their employer within a few weeks are not required to actively seek work each week.

      • However, they must remain able, available, and ready to work during their unemployment for each week of benefits claimed and meet all other eligibility criteria.

  • Individuals can receive benefits ranging from $40-450 a week.

  • The number of weeks to potentially receive benefits ranges from 13 to 26 weeks. Payment could stretch to a longer duration if work is performed for pay or if other deductible income is received during the course of a claim.

  • The Governor's Executive Order waives the one-week unpaid waiting period, so individuals can collect UI benefits for the first week they are out of work.

  • Individuals can apply and file a claim for unemployment and disability benefits at the same time, but can only collect payments under one program at a time.

  • Individuals can collect unemployment benefits if laid off/had hours reduced, then switch to disability if they become sick.

    • Similarly, individuals can start collecting unemployment benefits because if they have been laid off or have had work hours reduced, and then switch to a Paid Family Leave claim if they must care for a family member who is sick.

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