2017 Youth Success Stories

Meet Tristin - Torrance


Workforce Challenge: Before seeking job assistance at the Torrance One-Stop Career Center, Torrance resident Tristin Osife had no work experience but her biggest challenge was her pent up anxiety about how to present herself to companies and the fear of not getting call backs after applying for jobs.

Workforce Solution: Once she enrolled in the Youth Services program at the One-Stop Center, Tristin was placed in work readiness classes and then was assigned to an internship at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. One-Stop Center staff continued to build her confidence and prepare her for job application procedures and how to conduct a successful interview.

Outcome and Benefits: Tristin interviewed with Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services and did well. Upon completion of her internship, Candy, the manager at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services decided to permanently hire Tristin.

Tristin stated, “I think the helpful and caring staff led me to gain more confidence in myself and my abilities. The South Bay One- Stop helped me achieve my goal of finding a long term job position, along with providing me with job training and knowledge of how to present myself in a professional way.”

Meet Youstina - Torrance


Workforce Challenge: Youstina Yacoub, who resides in Torrance, was working at Chick-fil-A before seeking employment services from the Torrance One-Stop Center. She had ended her time at Chick-fil-A in search for a better opportunity and to focus on her career options. Youstina showed interest in the Human Resources field, but felt like it would be hard to find an entry level job with no experience in the field.

Workforce Solution: Youstina was enrolled in the youth program and staff members began preparing her for a potential internship opportunity at L3 Communications in Torrance. She reviewed interviewing techniques and attained job training through the work-experience program.

Outcome and Benefits: Youstina applied the skills she obtained at the One-Stop Center and completed a successful interview with L3 Communications and was offered an internship in the Human Resources Department. After Youstina completed her training with the work-experience program, L3 Communications decided to hire her as a full time contractor.

Youstina quoted, “One-Stop gave me the opportunity to utilize and improve my skills and get a decent position in the field I was interested in.”

Meet Aniesha - Inglewood


Workforce Challenge: Aniesha Nicholas was a high school senior in 2013 eager to get a job so she could help her disabled mother with households needs as well as having money to cover the costs of graduation, prom and school supplies. Her goal was to go to college and enter a career field that would enable her to support her mother. But she quickly discovered that her age was a barrier to gaining employment. 

Workforce Solution: Aniesha heard from her school mates about the opportunities at the Inglewood One Stop Career Center -Youth Service, so she went to the center and found out she was qualified to enroll in the Blueprint for Workplace Success Class and the Fit for Gold Tutoring & Fitness Academy. After completing both the Blueprint curriculum and Fit for Gold, Aniesha was placed in a subsidized work assignment to give her more experience.

Outcome and Benefits: Aniesha was advised go to Job Club once a week at the Inglewood One Stop so she could work on interviewing skills. While attending Job Club, she saw other students submitting college applications and felt confident that her 3.4 GPA and dedication to helping her family would be just what she needed to get accepted. Aniesha was admitted into UC Merced but struggled to keep up with the financial costs of school, so after one year she moved back home. 

After coming back to Inglewood, Aniesha returned to the One Stop because she needed help finding a job as well as enrolling back into school, which were both equal priorities for her. After hearing that she had difficulty finding an employer who would work around her class schedule at El Camino College, the Job Club Coordinator, Mrs. McElroy, recommended her for an interview as a Parking Lot Attendant. Aniesha was hired immediately and is now able to balance school and work while also helping her family.


According to her, the “One Stop Youth Program is the best place for any one in school or beginning to go to college because the staff really cares about your future. They want you to be the best person you can be and they always seem to find resources to help you along the way and guide you in the right direction.”

Meet Brian - Gardena


Workforce Challenge: Brian Rodriguez, a recent high school graduate, aspired to start college after graduating. Instead he decided to focus on attaining employment for several jobs. Brian had no work experience prior to enrolling to the Youth Program and encountered obstacles attaining employment.

Workforce Solution: Brian enrolled to the Youth Program where he was assigned a case manger. His case manager informed him about the Resume and Interview workshops to better prepare him in creating a resume and obtain tips in interviewing for a job. Brian was able to fill out a few application with the assistance of his case manger. 

Outcome and Benefits: Brian attended both the Resume and Interview workshops and was prepared to proceed with his job search.  He attended Recruitment at the Gardena One Stop where several companies were present and was hired onsite by the company Syncreon. Brian was hired full-time on February 8th 2017 in the capacity of Material Handler at the wage rate of $11.00 per hour.