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2017 Business Success Stories

Terranea Resort - Palos Verdes

Workforce History: Terranea Resort first opened its doors in 2009. Situated on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, it is a 102-acre property with 582 guestrooms that requires a large workforce to maintain the grounds and the guestrooms. 

Workforce Challenge: Terranea needed to fill various positions in their housekeeping department including; house attendants, guestroom attendants, stewards, turn down attendants and public 

area attendants.  They had previously utilized staffing agencies to fill their permanent and temporary positions. With challenges of finding the right individuals, they looked elsewhere and found partnership with the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center – Torrance.


Outcomes & Benefits: The first collaborative recruitment event, held at the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center – Torrance, attracted job seekers living primarily in the South Bay.  Terranea was so pleased with the positive recruitment and being able to utilize the One-Stop Center facility, that they scheduled a second recruitment. Terranea was so satisfied with the result they decided to work solely with the Torrance One-Stop Center staff. The One-Stop continues to host pre-screenings for candidate referrals to Terranea Resort’s housekeeping department along with pre-screenings for their technical positions within the engineering department.

Global Cardio Care - Inglewood

Workforce History:  Since 2002, Global Cardio Care, Inc. has managed physician practices that deliver treatment to people in Southern California and across the world.  With its headquarters in Inglewood, Global Cardio Care has opened its doors to a community at risk for cardiovascular disease. The firm offers a place for people to practice health and improve lifestyle with education, treatment, lifestyle health coaching, and instant feedback about how to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease.

Workforce Challenge: As a growing healthcare facility, the immediate need for Global Cardio Care was to find qualified candidates to fill various positions including patient care, medical office, and patient transport positions.


Outcomes & Benefits: The SBWIB and South Bay One-Stop Business and Career Center-Inglewood successfully developed and executed a fruitful partnership that has resulted in multiple On-the-Job Training programs and subsequent placements for WIOA Low Income clients in the area.  Additionally, Global Cardio Care has expressed an interest in expanding the partnership to include On-the-Job Training programs via the Transitional Subsidized Employment Program.

RWM Fiber Optics - Carson

Workforce History: 

Since 1994, RWM has specialized in Fiber Optic, Network Cabling (UTP), Cable Television, and Satellite Installation training. The mission of RWM Fiber Optics

is to empower a diverse student body by teaching academic concepts and technological skills and by instilling in students the importance of effective, responsible application of their knowledge to succeed in a highly competitive, technologically changing world.

Workforce Challenge: RWM has been a valued i-TRAIN partner since 1994 and has provided numerous training opportunities to adult, dislocated workers, and Veteran clients.  A rapidly growing industry coupled with changes within the vocational education industry led to immediate staffing needs in the areas of administrative staff, admissions personnel, and instructors. 


Outcomes & Benefits: While the SBWIB and South Bay One-Stop Business and Career Center - Inglewood have had a long standing relationship with RWM as a training provider, the relationship has expanded to include employment opportunities for SBWIB clients. Recently, the RWM has hired a total of 6 job seekers from various programs including dislocated worker, adult, 25%, and Transitional Subsidized Employment Program.

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