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Edward Singleton

Edward Singleton

Edward, twenty-year-old from Los Angeles, dropped out of high school and wanted to enroll in the Job Corps program. He found it difficult to stay motivated in school and get transportation to school. Not wanting to be another dropout, he immediately enrolled in the SBWIB YouthBuild program after his aunt referred him.

The SBWIB YouthBuild program provided Edward tap cards, simplifying transportation to school and back home. Edward immediately noticed and liked the school style that relieved school stress and the sense of community. Edward has tried new things and taken on new challenges, the program has helped him grow and see what he is capable of and granted him the strength to push pass the limitations he put upon himself.

Edward received NCCER certification, got hands on experience with Habitat for Humanity worksites during the construction weeks and graduated from the SBWIB YouthBuild program. After graduation, he plans to attend college, work part-time in the military or possibly purse construction.

"SBWIB YB has helped me grow by allowing me to try new things and take on new challenges. It has opened new career possibilities and helped me see that I am capable of much more than I originally thought I was."






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