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Meet Phyllis Watkins

Workforce Challenge:

Phyllis Watkins, a former security officer at Northrop Grumman, sought a career change within the company. Upon learning about the Aero-Flex program, she enrolled in El Camino College’s Machine Tool Technology program and was accepted into the SBWIB’s Aero-Flex Pre-Apprenticeship.

Workforce Solution:

Through this program, she gained knowledge about the manufacturing career pathways available at Northrop Grumman. Phyllis successfully completed various trainings, including soft and technical skills,
and excelled in her on-the-job training internship at Northrop Grumman. She completed the Aero-Flex pre-apprenticeship and received completion certificates and a $500 stipend.

Meet Phyllis Watkins

Outcome and Benefits:

Phyllis was subsequently hired by Northrop Grumman in her new role as a CNC Machinist Operator
apprentice, sponsored by El Camino College. She is currently on track to obtain a certificate in Machine
Tool Technology at El Camino College.

Phyllis began working as a CNC Machinist Operator apprentice under the sponsorship of El Camino College.

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