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Meet Marcelle Harris

Workforce Challenge:

Inglewood resident Marcelle Harris, 24, a father of a one-year-old, wanted a career pathway rather than moving between low-paying jobs. He found out about the SBWIB’s Construction Pre-Apprenticeship program and visited the South Bay One-Stop Center.

Workforce Solution:

Marcelle received education and training to transition into a career in the construction industry, while receiving stipends to supplement his income and support from his case manager to stay motivated and optimistic.

Meet Marcelle Harris

Outcome and Benefits:

Marcelle successfully completed his OSHA certifications, MC3 Certifications and other required credentials to enter the trades. He is now on track to enter the painters union and is grateful for “the opportunity to establish a career”. He describes the experience as being “just amazing.”

“Believe in what this agency says and communicate with them often.”

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