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Meet Leslie Moore

Workforce Challenge:

Leslie Moore, a resident of Hawthorne, was sent to the South Bay One-Stop in Inglewood by the Los Angeles County Probation Department under the INVEST program to obtain specialized employment and training services for adult probationers.

Workforce Solution:

During his initial assessment, he indicated a desire to work as a mentor or substance abuse counselor. Without any prior experience or industry recognized credentials, it was determined that he would benefit from a wage-based learning activity. Leslie completed the Blueprint for Workplace Success training, 300 hours of Paid Work Experience, and was offered permanent employment as a program aide with Christ Centered Ministries.

Meet Leslie Moore

Outcome and Benefits:

Leslie remains employed and is scheduled to begin occupational skills training this Fall to obtain the required industry certifications to become a substance abuse counselor in the state of California.

“Always remember, if there is a positive alternative available - take it. My advice to others like me is to make it a priority to visit the One-Stop and never limit your options. Thanks again for everything.”

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