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Meet Leslie Harris II

Workforce Challenge:

Leslie Harris II joined the military shortly after High School with limited knowledge and understanding about the civilian workforce. He is a Post 9/11 Veteran having served in the United States Army as a patriot missile operator. Since his separation from the military, Mr. Harris has held various entry-level positions in the construction industry specifically in the areas of carpentry. As a Patriot Missile Operator he was responsible for conducting preventive maintenance checks and service vehicles, and operating a 10-ton crane. In combat situations, he was responsible for loading guided missiles and assisting with tactical overlays, including mapping, reconnaissance, and selecting positions. Additionally, he was responsible for supervision of soldiers and providing technical guidance. Despite his extensive military training and leadership capabilities, he had limited knowledge about the civilian workforce, career exploration concepts, and essential career mobility strategies.

Workforce Solution:

Mr. Harris visited South Bay Business and Career Centers- Inglewood and attended the Construction and Utilities Pathway Program (CUPP) orientation. During his initial visits to South Bay Business and Career Centers- Inglewood, the immediate goal was to establish the most effective way to match his military skills and experience to meaningful civilian occupations in Construction.

Meet Leslie Harris II

Outcome and Benefits:

Mr. Harris attended orientation, deemed eligible, and subsequently enrolled in the Dislocated Worker Program under the 25% Special Assistance Grant. After completing career counseling sessions, completing Blueprint for Workplace Success. and working with his CUPP career counselor to develop an individual employment and a construction career pathway plan, Mr. Harris was sponsored into the local Carpenters Union and dispatched to Kiewit and the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park project in the city of Inglewood in January 2018 as a Carpenter Apprentice with an hourly wage of approximately $31.00.

He is grateful for the assistance and direction received from South Bay Business and Career Centers- Inglewood and the CUPP program.

“Being in the Carpentry trade has been such a blessing for me and my family. Working at the Inglewood stadium has helped me learn a vast array of skills. I am thankful that the one stop helped me get a job and helped me continue on my career path. As an Army Veteran, construction is a perfect fit. It is no-nonsense, hard work, and integrity. These are simple values are easy for me to accomplish due to my military background. I would strongly encourage any Veteran to consider a career in construction. Leaving the military was a hard step for me. When I was discharged, I didn’t know up from down. The construction industry saved me from failure. Thanks again for the support”

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