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Meet Jalishia Clingmon - Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Jalishia Clingmon, single mother of a daughter, attended a Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) orientation to expand her connections in search of employment.

Workforce Solution:

Jalishia’s personality was noticed immediately by job developers at the TSE orientation. As one of the job developers communicated with her, her personality stood out. She appeared to be a people person, which made placing her at the Torrance One Stop the perfect choice. Her case manager noted how great Jalishia was with the public as well as with other TSE participant’s that sought resume assistance and usage of the computer lab.

Meet Jalishia Clingmon - Torrance

Outcome and Benefits:

One day Jalishia requested to take a day off to interview with Autism Spectrum Therapy but was unsure if she should go. She went and got the job. Working for them opened Jalishia’s doors and interest to pursue her Master’s in Education.

“Although I miss you guys so much, I am glad that I took this position. I am glad that everyone was so positive and nice to me. Now I know I would like to purse my Masters in Education.”

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