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Meet Elizabeth Riofrio

Workforce Challenge:

Elizabeth Riofrio, a single parent of five children, was a recent college graduate and prepared to enter the workforce and start a career when life events changed dramatically and she found herself dependent on public assistance.

Workforce Solution:

She enrolled in her local GAIN center and acquired job preparation skills through the JOB Club Program. Upon completion of her training she was referred to the Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE) and after her first interview with an employment service representative, she regained her self-confidence and eagerly pursued job leads that were presented.

Meet Elizabeth Riofrio

Outcome and Benefits:

Elizabeth interviewed with Catholic Charities of Los Angeles in September 2016 and was offered a position under the TSE program in the Client Resources Section. She quickly made a favorable impression and was hired as a Client Resources Coordinator full time in January 2017 at a rate of $17/hour.

“Not only did the PACE staff help me find the perfect employment opportunity but they also helped me with clothing so I could look presentable on my first day of work.”

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