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Meet Drake Finley

Workforce Challenge:

Drake Finley, forty-seven-year-old veteran, applied for unemployment services (IU). Trying to get back to the workforce he reached out for the veteran services through the Employment Development Department (EDD) as stated through his IU.

Workforce Solution:

Mr. Finley was given an assessment to create a career plan. The assistance he received from the Torrance One-Stop staff was uplifting, he reports it giving him the continued confidence he needed to master his interviews.

Meet Drake Finley

Outcome and Benefits:

Mr. Finley received veteran assistance funds for a new suite, he used it for two interviews and was offered each job. As Mr. Finley states, “I’m sure they didn’t offer me [the job] based on the suite I wore, but I am sure it didn’t hurt. When your confidence is high, people feel that energy.”

“Seek and you shall find and use the resource you have at your disposal, all of them. Torrance staff did have my best interest at heart.”

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