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Meet Cristy Herzberg

Workforce Challenge:

After the closure of her real estate office due to the pandemic, Cristy Herzberg, a long-time resident of Torrance, made the decision to pursue a career change. Seeking employment training and placement
services, she turned to the South Bay One-Stop Center in Torrance.

Workforce Solution:

Following her orientation, Cristy collaborated with her job developer and expressed an interest in applying for tuition assistance to pursue her “dream job” as a dog obedience instructor. Upon approval of the funding, she enrolled in the Dog Obedience Instructor program at Animal Behavioral College, an I-TRAIN training provider.

Meet Cristy Herzberg

Outcome and Benefits:

Cristy thoroughly enjoyed her classes and dedicated her time to volunteering at animal shelters to further
refine the skills she acquired at school. After a year, she successfully graduated and secured employment as a dog trainer with Rover Kennels.

"I am working in my dream job and love my work every day.”

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