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Meet Cierra Washington - Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Cierra Washington, 30, is a mother of a two-year-old, who had been working for Crossfire Marketing Group, a company that was contracted with IGS Energy. When Crossfire lost its contract with IGS Energy, Ms. Washington found herself out of a job. With a young child at home, Ms. Washington knew she had no time to waste in finding another job to sustain her and her young child.

Workforce Solution:

Ms. Washington remembered a previous stint of assistance from the South Bay One-Stop - Inglewood had landed her employment so she decided to go back to see if she might have the same result. At the Inglewood One-Stop she met with a job developer who arranged an interview for her the very next day.

Meet Cierra Washington - Torrance

Outcome and Benefits:

Ms. Washington is now an Administrative Assistant for the South Bay Environmental Services Center and enjoys the daily professional interactions, as well as the stability and security of a full-time job.

"Now I’m receiving so much knowledge on environmental programs and ways to preserve the environment. I’m also working with Councilmembers and other elected officials such as Mayors and Senators. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me in this new career path."

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