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Meet Christina Curnal - Inglewood

Workforce Challenge:

Christina Curnal, 29, of Inglewood was at a crossroads in her life where she was no longer content with simply working miscellaneous jobs. As a single parent of four young children, Ms. Curnal wanted to start a career with a company that would pay enough for her to be considered “head-of-household” and provide stability for her family. Ms. Curnal was mourning the recent loss of her father, further complicating her attempts at work stability.

Workforce Solution:

The Inglewood One-Stop provided Ms. Curnal with all the resources she needed to succeed. Ms. Curnal was provided with resources for childcare, as well as a transportation allowance while earning income through the program.

Meet Christina Curnal - Inglewood

Outcome and Benefits:

After the first month of participating in the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) program she was scheduled for an interview with the South Bay Workforce Board (SBWIB) for a position as an MIS Administrative Assistant for the Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) Unit. Two months after entering the TSE program, Ms. Curnal was offered a full-time position at the SBWIB head office.

“All of the resources I was provided helped me tremendously with the job opportunity I was offered. I am appreciative of the opportunity and thankful to have been selected as the top candidate for such a prestigious company. The staff has been fully supportive in my transition and continues to encourage me on a daily basis. I now have a career and will continue to advance with all the knowledge I have acquired. The One-Stop has been my bridge to success!”

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