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Meet Cheryl Alison

Workforce Challenge:

Cheryl Alison was at a crossroad in her career after several years of employment as a quality control/documentation analyst with Sunrider Manufacturing when the company decided to move to Texas. Being just a few years shy from retirement and away from family if she moved with the company, Cheryl opted to stay in the state and search for employment.

Workforce Solution:

After a multiple applications and researching the possibility of going back to school, she was referred to the South Bay One-Stop Business Center in Torrance. Due to her prior experience in Human Resources, she was led to enroll in CSUDH’s Human Resources Management Training.

Meet Cheryl Alison

Outcome and Benefits:

Cheryl completed the training and was immediately offered an HR position earning six dollars more than her previous pay. Cheryl is now working at South Bay Home Care Inc. and states being happily settled in an organization with a positive work culture that prioritizes the wellbeing of their employees.

“There must be countless ‘me’ out there in a similar situation. When confronted with job loss we should remain optimistic because there are several job search platforms out there. The One-Stop is always there to help. All you must do is to do your part by taking advantage of its services and programs. I strongly encourage you to take that ‘little giant step’ by visiting your nearest One Stop Shop. That ‘little giant step’ will spell the difference between failure and success.”

“I can’t thank the One-Stop Job Search Services enough! They were very supportive of me from day one until such time I was fully settled in my newfound job."

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