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Meet Ashley Brown

Workforce Challenge:

Ashley Brown, a 32 years old mother of 3 and originally from Louisiana, worked multiple jobs in search for the right employment to build a better life for her children and herself.

Workforce Solution:

Having no prior office experience made it harder and after three years of searching, she decided to contact the GAIN Region 1 office for assistance. Ashley immediately started the TSE program and was hired at the Inglewood One-Stop.

Meet Ashley Brown

Outcome and Benefits:

After her four months she was offered an interview at the SBWIB Headquarters. With the guidance, support and experience from the TSE program, her career advisor and director, Ashley now has a full-time job at Magnetika.

“I would like to tell anyone who is a little apprehensive about the TSE program, to go for it, to give yourself a chance. Because without it I wouldn’t be where I am, I wouldn’t have this new amazing job offer. Because of TSE, I am a success story!”

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