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Meet Anthony Smith

Workforce Challenge:

Anthony Smith has held various entry-level positions in the construction and oil refinery industry over the years, however, he lacked safety certifications needed to obtain career mobility in his chosen occupation. As a result, the lack of certifications held him back.

Workforce Solution:

Anthony visited South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Centers - Inglewood in July 2018 and attended the Construction & Utilities Pathway Program orientation. He decided to pursue training through one of our I-TRAIN partners, Coastline Community College and Career Expansion, and completed the Core Competencies Construction Course.

Meet Anthony Smith

Outcome and Benefits:

Shortly after completing his training, Anthony secured employment with Brand Energy Solutions as a Safety Technician/Red Hat with an hourly wage of $28.

“I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to utilize the services of South Bay One-Stop and so grateful they paid for my construction training with Career Expansion and Coastline Community College. The training and placement assistance I received changed my family and my life forever. I’m currently saving to purchase my first home.”

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