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Meet Amber Wynn

Workforce Challenge:

Hawthorne Resident, Amber Wynn, visited South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center in Gardena in the months following her layoff from Cal State University Fullerton. With an extensive background in nonprofit management, research development, and philanthropic consulting, Ms. Wynn attended an orientation and subsequently enrolled in the WIOA Dislocated Worker Program.

Workforce Solution:

After completing a series of career counseling sessions, she decided to pursue a Community College Teaching Certificate Program through a valued I-TRAIN partner Cal State University Dominguez Hills in August 2018. According to Ms. Wynn, obtaining this industry recognized certification would allow her to transfer her existing skills and experience in nonprofit management to an academic setting as a college professor. More importantly, pursuing this certificate would grant her an opportunity for a “second career with stability and longevity.”

Meet Amber Wynn

Outcome and Benefits:

Ms. Wynn secured employment with Antioch University as an Adjunct Professor teaching Non Profit Management. She is responsible for designing lesson plans, developing course goals, and developing learning objectives for individuals in pursuit of nonprofit management careers. Her experience and industry knowledge within this sector coupled with newly acquired certificate facilitated her successful reentry into the workforce. She is grateful for the services received and has embraced her most recent career endeavor.

“I am so grateful to the One –Stop and the resources available. There are many people out there in need of hope and in need of services. Some may be one paycheck away from real hardships, and they need to know that help is out there. I was worried that at my age, I wouldn’t be able to have a chance at a second career. Thanks to my case manager and the one stop I was able to reach my goals. I tell everyone about the One Stop and the help that’s available.”

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