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Meet Aka Brown - Carson

Workforce Challenge:

Aka Brown, resident of Carson and mother of two young children, was at a crossroad in her life, as she found herself unemployed and struggling with her career choices. Ms. Brown had worked in sales but wanted to make a career change to better support her family. She was uncertain about her future and how to get assistance to find new opportunities.

Workforce Solution:

Ms. Brown visited the Carson One-Stop and was thrilled at all the services that were available. She was also impressed by the professionalism and job market knowledge exhibited by the staff. Ms. Brown took a certification course for Human Resources Management, which she successfully completed. She also completed her California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and was attending University of Phoenix working towards a Master’s Degree in Education, which she completed.

Meet Aka Brown - Carson

Outcome and Benefits:

As a result of her updated job searching skills, which she acquired at the Carson One-Stop, Ms. Brown began attending job fairs and was receiving emails regarding new employment opportunities. Having access to the Center’s free resources, as well as completing her new educational certifications, Ms. Brown was able to begin a new career in education through the Los Angeles Unified School District. She is now earning approximately $58,000, which is expected to increase due to her advanced degree.

“If you’re looking for a job or a career change, take advantage of the career center. My career goal was unclear until I started to receive services from the Center.”

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